Tuesday, January 16, 2007


door unlocked

you, naked beneath
short skirt
thigh highs

all your toys arrayed on the dining room
table...particularly the flogger

nose against the bookcase, hands head high or slightly
higher on the shelves
feet half a step back so you are bent slightly at the
waist, standing...presenting...your luscious, ripe ass
accentuated for my visual pleasure

you will not look to me when I enter.+
you will greet Me with "Welcome back to my home,
Sir...and to my bed"
otherwise you will remain respectfully silent,
responding with a simple "yes, Sir" when given a
I will slowly, very slowly disrobe you, admiring My
creation while you stand, glowing in embarassment, and
humiliation and lust, while your nipples pulse in
their excitement and you become molten in warming
preparation to being used by the One who made you.


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