Friday, June 08, 2007

My poet...
You taught me to trust,
that sex is fun,
that i am submissive,
that skinny dipping can be really cold,
that my buns glow in the moonlight, and
that there is no place more romantic in the world than a small cottage
ohh many things...
you came to Me the first time, trembling...
you let Me spank you
flog you
cane you
you wore My collar
you walked with Me naked in the moonlight
you let me sing to you
many, many things
His hand on the back of my neck. My face pressed down on the bed.
My legs spread, ass exposed, i am bent naked over His knee.
He begins to fondle me, noting how wet i am just having anticipated His attentions.
He comments favorably, clearly pleased with His discovery.
Then smack, His large hand makes contact with my right cheek. Smack, Smack, Smack.
The blood rushes through me with each painful strike.
i shut my eyes tight, hold my breath, and a whimper escape my lips.
i know i mustn't wiggle out of harm's way or the intensity will only be magnified.
i must stand still and at most shift my weight from one leg to the other in search of some way to relieve the stinging sensation. Just when i feel i will cry out, He pulls me up into His strong arms and kisses me.
"Thank You Master," i whisper in His ear.
"You're welcome baby," says He as His fingers once again being exploring His property.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I want you to know I am not really angry with you, not
even dreadfully hurt. I did not shed a single tear.
But I have a few thoughts I would like to share with

I have read before that you fall in love with
someone because of how they make you feel about
yourself. I believe that is true. It validates who
you are, gives you a feeling of self worth. I always
tried to do that with you, honestly and truthfully,
because you went for 24(?) years having your worth
gradually eliminated. You were so achingly anxious
for me to make you feel like a person that it was
clear to me what to do. Every word I ever said about
you is absolutely true.

If what you said to me was true, and you TRULY intend
to for the next year find out who you are and take
care of your kids, I would very much like to be your
friend. My mind explodes when I think of you with
another man, ESPECIALLY a Dom. I exclude your high school sweetheart from
this since it is a longstanding thing. But if your
true intent is to soul search, then we can be friends.

The above being said, I know that your submissive soul
will again begin to ache for a hand on your neck and
on your ass. There is noone better suited to satisfy
that craving while helping maintain your selfworth
than me.

I do not intend to put my life on hold for you.
Truly. I told you that I had a couple of dates while
you and I were apart. I will pick that up again and
see how that goes. Actually, there were a couple of
women that expressed interest, and I will pursue that.

You know I care about you and would like to maintain
some kind of relationship. I would like to talk to you about
this if you can call. Ok?
"i can scarcely breathe."
I continue to revel in bask in those words.

I am only writing during the day like this BECAUSE you
are not working. I will not do so tomorrow.

I have been invited up to see friendsthis
weekend. I know you have the kids New Years Eve, and
I assume the rest of the weekend?

However, I would like to have you Friday afternoon,
say from 2-6 or as close to those times as I can get.
Think about this. I don't care if we get a room and
wrestle like snakes or go and have coffee so I can see
your eyes, or park in the I can stroke your
hair. But I want to see you.

you can be free, I would return to Houston Saturday
during the day so I can work in the house.

i can scarcely breathe.

I hope you are breathing well again.

As you answer the previous email, I want you to do so
on a line-by-line basis. It is important that we know
just what is expected, and that I am not pressing you
too hard. you know I would LIKE to have you in
complete and total submission, but I completely
understand your need to remain a separate entity. If
I am demanding more than you can do, let's discuss it.
As I noted, this is a delicate balance, and although
I ache to command and control you, I do not wish to
bully you into something you simply cannot do.

with deepest love and affection

little one

I waited for hours for you to call.

As we agreed, I want to work very hard to make sure
you concentrate at work, to help you keep your head

However I expect you to call me without fail each
night, regardless how late it is. If you have to set
an alarm so you remember, do that. I want to speak
every night.

Additionally, I would like to speak to you in the
morning as you drive to work and in the evening as you
leave. I don't want you to lose yourself in Me, but I
don't want you to wander either. It will be a
delicate balance, but I pledge to do this, and I
expect you to work hard to stay with me.

Again, I insist on transparency, particularly where
______is concerned.

I want you to do the things you do best without My
interference, but I want to hold the back of your neck
in those things where you need guidance.

I had a wonderfully healing experience with you this
weekend. I know there are issues that remain. But
let's build on what is here.

So be there as commanded awaiting Me, anxious to
serve, with a smile on your lips, a lilt in your
voice, and dew on the lips of My cunt.
I understand with difficulty what you need. However,
I do expect that when we do email, speak and or
interact that you continue to use "Sir" as
appropriate. A proper diversion should behave, I am
assure you agree.
Friendship would mean: Staying in touch. Sharing stories, both good and bad. Providing a gentle ear when needed. Being a shoulder to cry on. Serving as a sounding board. Giving encouragement. Laughing together. Caring about one another. Much as we do with other friends.

Casual would mean: No strings. No expectations. No exclusivity.

Interlude would mean: More of what we shared together physically before things got so very complicated emotionally.

As you were always aware and as I became aware, the emotions of a Master/slave relationship are intense. They surpass the physical and become almost spiritual. I do not wish to become overwhelmed again, so if we "play," my servitude would be limited in time and place. I simply can not do it 24/7 without risking losing myself again. In the passion of the experience, I do not wish to mislead you to believe that I have reconsidered the possibility of a future together.
I offer friendship. Nothing more, and you must infer no implied promise of something more in the future. You told me that you can not be "just" my friend. If this is truly how you feel, then we should stop now as I do not wish to cause any false hope or any further harm. If you can accept friendship alone (with the possibility of casual interludes of playful service), then I welcome it.

You pointed out that in ending our relationship, I did not pay you the courtesy of a slow ending. I thought about that and I think it is because your influence over me was so great that with anything less abrupt, I would have failed. You are not a man who accepts "No" easily, and I have a great deal of difficulty saying "No" to you. Hence, the "hit and run" was the option I chose. Is there a good way to end a relationship? If the flame has died for one, then patience while the other person accepts the change is possible. If, however, the break up is for other reasons, and passion still exists, then I believe that ending the relationship will create sparks however it is done. Nevertheless, I realize that I handled our situation in the worst possible way, and that I will always regret.

I loved you as a master. At some point along the way I realized that I had fallen in love with you as a man. But in spite of this, I could not and still can not see myself loving you as a husband and step-father to my children. My instincts in this regard are quite strong and my instincts have rarely failed me. You want explanations so that you can easily out-reason me and bring me around to your way of thinking. You are very good at this, but how does one rationalize away a gut feeling? Even if all of the explanations that I can verbalize are easily swept away by your reassurances, I am still left with a looming sense that any marriage between us would fail, and miserably so.

Yet I miss our time together and yes, I miss you. My fear is that if we move forward, you will pass up opportunities for other relationships in hopes that I will eventually change my mind. This would be the cruelest harm that I could cause you. Although your warning that I would never be satisfied with a vanilla relationship has given me great pause to reflect, it is my current intent to marry my high school sweetheart, if and when he ever leaves his wife. I say this not to be hurtful, but to be as honest as I possibly can be with myself and with you.

Given this, I would expect that you will wish to have no further contact with me. And if so, I will understand and i promise I will never contact you again. Simply tell me how to return your personal items, and I will do so. The gift that I have sent to you is simply an ornament for your Christmas tree. It is a little wood cabin, and an identical one hangs on my tree as a bitter-sweet reminder of you and of the magic weekend when we left the world behind and simply loved one another. I will hang this ornament on my tree every year for the rest of my life.

And so, dear Sir, it is Your move....


door unlocked

you, naked beneath
short skirt
thigh highs

all your toys arrayed on the dining room
table...particularly the flogger

nose against the bookcase, hands head high or slightly
higher on the shelves
feet half a step back so you are bent slightly at the
waist, standing...presenting...your luscious, ripe ass
accentuated for my visual pleasure

you will not look to me when I enter.+
you will greet Me with "Welcome back to my home,
Sir...and to my bed"
otherwise you will remain respectfully silent,
responding with a simple "yes, Sir" when given a
I will slowly, very slowly disrobe you, admiring My
creation while you stand, glowing in embarassment, and
humiliation and lust, while your nipples pulse in
their excitement and you become molten in warming
preparation to being used by the One who made you.

Monday, November 13, 2006


i still miss Him and so many things about Him. He said that our bond would last forever. Why is He always right?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Such a sudden alteration in course is unlike me. i am typically very slow to make changes. i was very much aware of the pain my decision would cause. In my weak defense, i did attempt to retreat weeks earlier, but i failed. i allowed myself to be pulled back in where i put us both at even greater risk. The weekend we spent together was pure magic and i never wanted it to end. i was insanely happy and completely without doubt. Then i returned and soon thereafter i ended it. The idea of our relationship moving beyond master slave was becoming reality -- not over a long course of time as i had anticipated -- but instead, in a flawless and almost instantaeous blink of an eye. That is when i bolted. The doubts came flooding in. Just because there is love, doesn't mean the relationship will work. i loved my husband at one time and that didn't last. i can not survive another mistake. This is not meant to be. i must run now before i reach the point of no return. i must hurt Him now because i will only cause Him even greater pain if i delay the inevitable.
"You need to be loved like you need the air to breathe."

His words haunt me.

"Why would you walk away from something so beautiful?" "Why?...Why?...Why?"

My head is spinning.

"You couldn't have looked at Me the way that you did -- it couldn't have been a lie." "No one will ever love you as much as I love you." "This is a mistake. You'll be back. You always come back."

i am overwhelmed. One day at a time is all that i can manage.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


"Why would my fantasy hold any interest for you?" Because I desire a smart, capable submissive woman. For after all, what joy is there in submission of someone who has little to submit.

"In my real life, I am a successful professional with an advanced degree. My position requires that I be strong and confident." Many submissives are thus. "real life" requires a hard shell, but inside they are soft and need a guiding hand. It must be very hard for you. A lifelong need to be controlled and no help from the one who should help the most.

"H has no interest in intimacy with me much less "taking me in hand" but I am committed to my marriage because of our children. Nevertheless, I crave intimate contact with a strong man who might also appreciate an occasional diversion from an unfulfilling physical relationship with his wife." I do not understand a man who does not need his wife physically. I am the opposite, desiring sex and intimacy often. And control direct, to turn...fingers tangled in your hair, a look across a room causing you to get wet, knowing I own you...

“My desire is to be submissive and feminine –to experience the feeling of not having to be in charge but trusting that I am safe. I seek a Dominant (not a Sadist) who will tell me how to dress/undress for him, how to wear my hair for him, how to address him, and how to please him. He will hold me to his standards as well as my personal goals, and motivate me through caring discipline such as spanking, erotic embarrassment, etc." I am Dominant, not sadistic...though it makes me very hard to spank a girl...especially if she has been very bad. A sobbing blowjob from a girl is a wonderful thing. Yes, clothes, hairstyles, forms of address...all supervised and policed.

"Add a sense of humor to this perfect fantasy, and I am multi-orgasmic at the mere thought." It is hard to demonstrate a sense of humor on the computer. Rest assured I am adequate in thatdepartment. I laugh loudly and often.

"This is my tale of why my tail needs attention, what is yours? What do you desire? Why would my fantasy hold any interest for you?" As I said I am 50. I am on my second marriage. She is submissive, but she lives in another city, until I can find a job there. Because of this, our relationship has suffered, but lives on.I first realized I am Dom about 8 years ago, and it was like a light going off in my head. So many things were answered. I enjoy requiring a woman to dress for me....dresses or skirts, garters or knee panties... Always addressed as Sir or Master. Her body mine to use as I wish, when I wish, how I wish. Hard deep kisses as I tease her nipples or stroke her pussy. Bending her over without a word, her skirt up over her hips and taking her ass...because it is mine to take. A blowjob in a restaurant parking lot...discretion, but adventure. Anyway, that is me. If you have it in your head and your heart to submit, I want you to commit to not crossing your legs until we speak. Dresses or skirts and no panties until we speak. I want your pussy bare and open for me. Think hard about this. I know you need it...a red ass calls you and you ache for it. you may call Me Sir or Master when you write again.


Dear Sir, It is a "casual" Friday when everyone in this office wears jeans. Yet i sit here, legs uncrossed, in a skirt, blouse, stockings, and no panties. Why You may ask? Simply because a Stranger, whom i have yet to meet, instructed me to do so. His mere written words compel me and i do so willingly. Now i am wet and craving His approval. What next? i await your instructions.

I am excited knowing you are bare and wet for Me. That is a heady thing. I approve of what you have done. Right now, I want you to go to the ladies room, pull up that skirt, sit down and stroke that wet pussy of mine. If you can masturbate to orgasm, do that...if not, stroke it thinking about the time you present it to Me for inspection and use. I want to hear from you this afternoon. Master
______________________________________________________________________ To My baby girl, I have been thinking about you all weekend. I have several essays I want you to write for Me, things that will tell Me more about you. I would like the equivalent of 1-2 typewritten pages per essay, though you may write more if you feel you would like to tell Master more. If you are like Me, sometimes the words come trippingly off My fingers, but sometimes My fingers trip over the words. I am more interested in information and detail than writing style. 1. I want you to tell me each of the following things and why you feel that way. I am thinking sexually, but that is NOT necessarily what your answer should be, Tell Me what *you* think. a) The 3 things that you think are the most erotic b) The 3 things that you enjoy or excite you the mostc) The 3 things that really do NOT excite youd) The 3 things that you do not enjoy sexually For example...I have discussed anal sex. If that simply makes you ill thinking about it, I want toknow. 2. I want to hear in detail about your spanking encounter. Where and how you met, what happened. Where did you go, how you served him, how he used you, what you wish he had done and NOT done. Particularly about the spanking itself, and how he stroked and caressed you during the entire encounter. 3. What you feel about being a submissive woman. What do you have to offer? What do you need from your Master? What do you worry about, what do you hops does not happen. 4. I want to know about the deep dark recesses of your soul, What do you think or fantasize about that you have never told anyone. What is simply embarrassing to verbalize...what shames you but excites you? 5. What are you simply not interested in doing? For example...I am not going to harm you. No blood, no broken bones, no permanent marks. No kids. I am really not into sharing, but tell Me if that is a deep fantasy of yours. Animals are not on the agenda. On the other hand, what do you ache for Me to do, to use you, to make you feel, perhaps even to force you to do. I have lots and lots of ideas and a pretty fair range of experience. What works is when a sub and her Master are pretty close on the same page. I do not want to force you into something, like anal sex, that repels you. Long term, I intend to bend you to My will so that anything and everything I desire will literally be your command. But saying that and doing it are different, and it takes time to get to that point. I want you soon. I know you are needing My hands on you, My cock in you, My mouth on you. It will be soon. I want you to think when you are free. your loving Master _________________________________________________________
Essay 1: List of Top 3

a) The 3 things that you think are the most erotic 1) Being ordered to engage in sexual conduct 2) Being spanked and “owned” 3) Exhibitionism (without risk of arrest or recognition) b) The 3 things that you enjoy or excite you the most 1) The verbal foreplay (even if “dirty”)2) Someone whispering in my ear and kissing my neck (technically that is two, but they go together) 3) Having my nipples squeezed. c) The 3 things that really do NOT excite you 1) Men who want to be spanked. 2) The pony play, pet play, diaper play stuff – too bizarre even for me 3) Anything to do with excrement, animals, blood, (As for kids - not possible – that is why we adopted) d) the 3 things that you do not enjoy sexually 1) licking someone’s anus 2) I’ve never really enjoyed receiving oral sex. 3) Having sex with a woman

Essay No. 3 – Why do i seek submission?

i seek submission because i am exhausted from always having to be in charge. Going even deeper than this, i suppose i have wanted to be controlled all along. Even as a little girl before i even understood what sex was, i daydreamed about being spanked and felt excited by the idea. i suggested it once to my high school sweetheart, but he assumed i was joking and i was too embarrassed to bring it up again. i raised it with H after about 5 years of marriage. H actually gave it a half hearted attempt once during sex, and in spite of all the positive feedback, it never happened again. When i brought up the idea of submission with H, i emailed him a number of websites and begged him to give it serious thought. That was months ago. He has either never read the attachments, or is too uncomfortable about the topic to even discuss it with me. i confess i couldn’t envision myself as submissive to H because he is not a natural Dom, but other women have said that the more submissive they became, the more Dom their husbands turned. i tried this too when H never replied to my email, but my failure to make the decisions was annoying him and things were getting worse between us, not better. So, to find what i seek, i resolved to look beyond H. i could no longer stand being alone.

i want someone older and experienced as a loving Dom. Someone with a gentle nature but the emotional strength to control a bright and stubborn Irish girl. i seek spankings for play, others for loving reminders of his control, but i also crave his guidance. When i let him down or myself, i want to be punished. No one holds me accountable. i am the boss in all that i do. i answer to no one. If i am unproductive at work, no one scolds me. If i miss a work deadline, no one writes me up. If i don’t make doctor’s appointments for myself, or eat right or exercise, no one cares. i want to be with a man i can respect and look up to -- a man who knows his own mind and is able to make decisions for himself and for me. It is not that i want to abdicate all responsibility for myself. To the contrary, i simply want to be held accountable.

i don’t cry. i need the release of a good cry from time to time. I have always viewed crying as a sign of weakness. i want to be weakened, cry and then be comforted. i want to trust someone so much that i can be vulnerable and yet still feel safe and taken care of.

i want to be desirable and desired. As a slave, i want to exist solely for providing my Master pleasure. In this way i would know that if attention is paid to me, however slight, it is because it gives him pleasure. i want to hear my Master’s praise, in words and in moans, reassuring me that i have value as a female. Years ago, i stopped buying dresses, and lingerie. i stopped wearing make up. Except in my role as a mom, i no longer felt like a woman. But what i seek is not just sexual. It goes beyond that. It is hard to believe that i have found someone who may be willing to fulfill this need on occasion, and actually understands my need and doesn’t think I’m crazy.
i read somewhere that when a woman comes to her husband and hands him "submission to his discipline" on a platter, she is giving him something powerful. Should he refuse to discipline her, he is betraying her, for she is telling him that she trusts him enough to know he will use this gift in a wise and loving manner. The verbal connection and bearing of the soul is what brings about intimacy. i have been betrayed in so many ways. i crave this intimacy and would be a loyal and devoted slave it i could experience even a hint of what it is like.

What do i have to offer? A gentle ear, loving arms, delicious mouth, tight cunt, virgin ass, and hours of pleasure, company, and devotion.

What do i worry about? First of all, being discovered. Secondly, being seriously harmed by someone who ignores my limits, or inflicts pain to be cruel and not for pleasure or to intensify emotion or to guide. Third, choosing someone who makes me feel worse about myself, not better.

What do i not what to see happen? i want to love my Master, but i don’t want to fall in love with him.

Essay # 4

What do you think or fantasize about that you have never told anyone. What is simply embarrassing to verbalize...what shames you but excitesyou? a. Having sex with two men, so i have one in my cunt and the other in my mouth at the same time.b. Being partially undressed in the car so that I can be seen by men on the road, or walking in a hotel room, naked, with window at night c. Being “captured”, blindfolded, tied to the bed, and raped by a man who keeps me captive and uses me for his pleasure ultimately turning me into his devoted slave Essay #5. What are you simply not interested in doing? i agree with all of your list. The shaving thing, never really thought about having a man do that for me. Can’t say it appeals to me but if he wanted to, I wouldn’t object. Other items are on my prior lists. Let me add no denial of breath – like plastic bags or suffocation tricks. On the other hand, what do you ache for Me to do, to use you, to make you feel, perhaps even to force you to do? There are too many to name, but i’ll try… Sexual Category Teach me to fuck in positions other than missionary. Let me suck your cock and teach me how to do it in a way that gives you the most pleasure. i want to learn how to deep throat. Help me to learn to relax and enjoy sex. This list was online so i copied what i would either like to try, be willing to try, or perhaps should be forced to try at least once… Anal sexAnal plugs (small) Blindfolds but no mask Being bitten lightlyLight Bondage Breast/chest bondage Light Breast whippingCage / Closets (locked inside of)Caning (no long term marks)Chastity belt if not discoveredChores (domestic service) Collars (worn in private; necklace symbolizing a collar in public)Cuffs Enemas Exercise (forced)Exhibitionism Eye contact restrictionsFollowing ordersFood play Forced dressing (Master chooses)Forced masturbationForced nudity Forced servitudeGags – not sure about this one.Hand jobs (giving)Harems (serving w/other subs)Having food chosen for sub (at home or in restaurants)Having clothing chosen for subHigh heel wearingHumiliation (private)Humiliation (public excluding my family, friends, and individuals I know through work)Immobilization KneelingLeather restraintsLectures for misbehaviorLingerie (wearing) Massage (giving)Massage (receiving)Modeling for erotic photos or videos – NEVER FOR DISTRIBUTION!Name change during play actingNipple clampsNipple weightsOver-the-knee spankingOrgasm denialOrgasm controlOutdoor play actingOutdoor sexPain (mild) Phone sex Prostitution (public pretending)Public exposure (as long as I’m unlikely to know anyone)Pussy whipping (light)Restrictive rules set by Master Serving as furnitureServing as a maidServing as waitressServicing another male at Dom’s direction Slutty clothing (private or public)Speech restrictions (when sub can speak; what sub is allowed to say or not say; what sub must call Dom and how to address him; permission to leave the room; etc.)Squeezing of vulvaStanding in cornerCostumesVerbal humiliation (private or public)Voyeurism (watching Dom w/others)Wearing symbolic jewelryWeight loss (forced) As an example, i read this paragraph on line and got wet just thinking about it…
Punishment needs to suit the person and needn’t be limited to spanking. Any form of embarrassing or unpleasant assignment can have the punitive effect. For example, for a sub who can rarely sit still and must constantly be doing something, one of the most effective punishments can be to make them lie flat on the floor, head down, while the Dom rests his feet on her back and watches a game, etc. An occasional smack with a fly swatter or flogger adds a nice touch. Any wiggling results in additional time on the floor.


Hold me to my personal goals:
Eat right
Be efficient at work
Stop cussing
Be a better listener
Punish me when i fail to please You.
Comfort me after punishment to reassure me
Control with a purpose – Your sexual pleasure, Exertion of Your control, or the betterment of Your little whore.
No corporal punishment in anger. Time out first so Your punishment is tempered.


I feel that I have completely emasculated my husband. While he does take care of our finances, I am the sole breadwinner. My career was always very important to me and he loves me so much he let that take precedence over all else. I spent so much time at work that we lost our relationship. I had little interest in intimacy for years. He turned elsewhere and I can't say that I blame him for it. Now I've reached a point in my life when I realize how much I've screwed up. I want the strong intellectual guy I fell in love with to come back. I'm grateful he treated me as an equal in allowing me my career, but I don't want to be an equal at home any more. Over the course of time, his deference to my career turned to deference in all things. Always ready to take up the slack and accept more responsibility, I did so. Then I grew more and more resentful of all that was on my plate when he did almost nothing and yet he still seemed unhappy and angry all the time. While marriage counseling kept us from divorcing, we now simply co-parent. That is it. I feel that my feminist philosophy has backfired and left me very much alone and isolated from the one person I want to be close to. I don't want to be an attorney in the bedroom. I want to be a woman and desirable. I want to be owned. I want to feel vulnerable. I never admit that I have needs. My whole life I have been teased about how "independent" I am. I don't want to be independent. While spiritual, I'm not religious. I realize I'm rambling, but this is the only resource I have found that seems to really speak to what I seek. I started with spanking websites which were enticing, but what I desire is so much deeper than that. Domestic discipline sites are great to read but after a while it is just a depressing reminder of what you don't have. I am convinced this is the only road to a happy marriage for me. I am committed to do whatever it takes to get there, and however long it may take. I'm not proud of what I did this week, but it certainly solidified my resolve.


An Email to My Husband:

I want to make a suggestion that you may find shocking, but this is important to me. I feel that our marriage would be much improved if you took more of a leadership role. I must confess that as liberated as I may be from a career standpoint, I want something different in our home. I want to respect you and feel closer to you, and I want to be a better wife to you. I have spent some time before mentioning this and I would like to ask you to read about domestic discipline with an eye toward whether you think this could work for us. Apparently I am not the only professional woman who feels this way. Here are a number of websites. It would mean a great deal to me if you would read about this concept and give it serious consideration. I love you.


My Desparate Search for Guidance:

Guide: this a convenient moment?
Sub: This is perfect.
Guide: What is your given name, please?
Sub: _____________
Guide: How old are you?
Sub: _________________
Guide: Your education...?
Sub: ___________
Guide: Excuse these prosaic questions...I don't have any information about you.
Guide: what did you study?
Sub: ___________________
Guide: Do you practice a faith?
Sub: No.
Guide: Were you raised in one?
Sub: Not really. My mom shopped various protestant churches when I was about 5. From 13 to 17 I attended a Methodist church. Dropped out in college.
Guide: When did you last make love with your husband?
Sub: Last Thursday.
Guide: And before that?
Sub: Weeks ago. I can't remember.
Guide: So it's not a terribly active sex life?
Sub: Not at all. We didn't have sex all summer.
Guide: When you do have sex, is it satisfying for both of you?
Sub: He has a hard time having orgasm because of his medication. For me, I'm grateful for any attention.
Guide: Do you cum easily?
Sub: If I masturbate, yes. I've never cum with him.
Guide: Do you mind these awkward personal quetions?
Sub: No, Sir.
Guide: or those awkward typos?
Sub: No, Sir.
Guide: How often do you masturbate?
Sub: About every other day.
Guide: Is sexual arousal usually fairly close for you?
Sub: What do you mean?
Guide: Is it a chore to reach a level of perceptible arousal?
Sub: Not at all.
Guide: You should be experiencing something like that now, in that case.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: How long did you chat online with the chap you met last week?
Sub: We exchanged about 6 or 7 email and then spoke on the phone. He asked me to write him some essays on various topics before we met, and I did that.
Guide: When you chat with me, please sit with your back straight, your head slightly tilted down, your legs wide open and your feet flat on the floor.
Guide: What were the essays about?
Sub: My fantasies, what I like or don't like, what excites me, what turns me off.
Guide: Where did you meet him?
Sub: At a hotel room.
Guide: What happend?
Sub: I was to wait in the corner. He came in and undressed me. He spanked me. We kissed. I gave him a blow job. He rubbed his penis against me. He put ginger root into my ass and it burned. I cried. We talked.
Guide: And on Thursday?
Sub: We drove to a remote parking lot. He spanked me and I gave him a blowjob.
Guide: Where and when are you to meet him today?
Sub: I emailed him and told him I couldn't make it.
Guide: What is your height and weight?
Sub: 5 feet tall. I'm guessing I'm down to about 130.
Guide: Are you dieting?
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: What kind of diet?
Sub: Just controlling my intake. I get about 750 calories a day. My appetite has vanished in the last month.
Guide: Do you have a goal?
Sub: 115 to 120
Sub: It is more about how I feel and look than the number.
Guide: Do you wish to continue seeing...what's his first name?
Sub: His name is _____. I call him Master. Yes and No.
Guide: OK...give me the yes part.
Sub: It feels so good to be intimate. I love that I am learning new things about sex. I love that he is dominant and treats me so well.
Guide: So what's the no part?
Sub: I fear being caught
Guide: Fear being caught? Would your husband object?
Sub: I assume so, but I can't say for sure.
Guide: In your note, you explain that you're committed to your marriage. Yes?
Sub: Yes.
Guide: Because of the children?
Sub: Yes
Guide: Good girl.
Sub: Thanks.
Guide: Do you follow any set of prescribed disciplines? Anything like that?
Sub: I have been starting to track my food and my exercise. I have started doing kegel exercises. I stopped wearing panties and I now wear skirts and dresses almost every day.
Guide: Are you shaved?
Sub: Partially.
Guide: Typically, this instruction ultimately leads to a kind of awakening of a partner's reciprocal instincts...
Sub: He hasn't said a thing. I'm not ever sure he cares.
Guide: but I frankly doubt that will happen with you. I think your husband is not likely to want to embrace the heavy responsibilities of dominance and is sexual ambiguous as well.
Sub: That is what I fear.
Guide: My initial thought is that you may find comfort in close guidance coupled with occasional use by Master or somebody else.
Sub: I'm on board.
Guide: I suspect that will give you a sense of peace and balance...
Sub: I would love that.
Guide: but I would never want to suggest it would have an effect on your husband.
Sub: No false hopes here.
Guide: I don't know how much of this I can do myself, but I want to start you and see how well you accommodate the typical disciplines used.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: Please conform to these disciplines by tomorrow at this time.
Sub: Yes sir.
Guide: We'll discuss this more the meantime, you may email me whenever you may ask questions when you feel a need to...and you may ask for an online chat or a phone call whenever...if I can oblige you, I will...
Guide: you will be required to send me two photographs of yourself and conduct at least one telephone conversation with me
Sub: Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. It feels good to know there is someone with experience helping to guide me. I will send the photos.
Guide: The fact that you seek guidance makes it possible...
Guide: I will expect from you trust and complete obedience.
Sub: i understand, Sir. i will not waste your time.
Guide: As for _________, please tell him you need a week or two to think things over...
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: I may have him use you under obedience to me, although there's no reason to explain that to him.
Sub: I understand, Sir.
Guide: Do you need to cum now?
Sub: Need - no. Want - yes
Guide: Please go to the restroom and do so...then return there to thank me.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Sub: byb
Sub: Thank You, Sir.
Guide: My pleasure. Please remember to thank me for every orgasm you are permitted.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: Any questions?
Sub: Am i permitted to ask about You?
Guide: yes, of course
Sub: Do You teach or are You a researcher? Do You plan to publish all that You have learned?
Guide: I used to just an occasional course...I do lecture...and I write and edit extensively
Sub: Can i read Your work?
Guide: I suppose at some point,that might be possible
Guide: but since one of the principles of this instruction is blind obedience, it won't be soon
Sub: What got You interested?
Guide: I having written a couple of books about relationships, I decided to pursue these personal interests...
Sub: Are there many professional women like myself who find themselves as subs later in life?
Guide: yes...
Guide: I generally only deal with professional women, in fact...
Sub: It is bewildering how i could profess feminism my whole life only to learn that i really want to be controlled by a man.
Guide: That isn;t the conflict you think it is.
Sub: i would not have reacted well to it years ago. i do wonder how many women this way.
Guide: In my experience, women in their early-mid twenties are not yet settled emotionally, spiritually, whatever...
Guide: but in her 30s, this begins to make much more sense.
Guide: The shortfall is not among interested women...
Guide: unfortunately, it's among responsive men.
Sub: Most men don't wish to be dominant?
Guide: No...they don't.
Guide: They wish to be domineering sometimes...or controlling...
Guide: but both of those are aspects of weakness.
Guide: Dominance is much more rare.
Sub: If the theory is that women are naturally submissive, than one would asume that nature would have created a corollary dominance instinct in men.
Sub: On the other hand, perhaps it is part of an evolutionary scale, and the submissive women are more closely related to the primates than their androgensous sisters.
Guide: Nature did...and in fact, I think there's something on this at that site.
Guide: Dominance and submission have described the dynamic in most relationships at most times in most places...
Guide: but this is a very androgynous age...and men have been conditioned they can avoid the responsibility once levied against them.
Sub: You're work, while perhaps a passion as well, is fascinating. i am thrilled to have had this opportunity to visit with You.
Guide: My pleasure. Bye for now.
Sub: Good bye, Sir.

Guide: Hi,...
Sub: Good morning, Sir.
Guide: go to your calendar, click refresh and see if you see an entry with my name above it
Sub: i found it! Thank You.
Guide: should add me to the list of those who can view and edit the calendar
Guide: and no one else
Guide: my yahoo name is the same as this one
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: Tell me your understanding of the disciplines that should appear on your calendar.
Sub: My clothing.
Sub: My masturbation to near climax.
Sub: The books i read
Sub: Daily shaving.
Sub: i assume any sexual activity.
Guide: yes
Sub: Are there any others, Sir?
Guide: In fact, let's stop for a moment and discuss language.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: I think it's important in this process to avoid euphemism.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: How do you refer to your genitals?
Sub: I don't.
Guide: Well, now you will...
Sub: i suppose i have used the term "private area"
Guide: and the word you use should be confrontational, abrasive to you personally so you are able to use it to heighten awareness
Guide: use the word 'cunt' please
Sub: Yes, sir.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: I think it will be helpful to you to account for any use of your cunt whatsoever...
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: so include toilet breaks and all of that.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: I also want you to account for everything that passes your lips
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: I'll watch your diet for a few days or a week, then decide what you should be eating.
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: The journal, as I wrote to you, should be used to account for your thoughts and feelings.
Sub: i understand, Sir.
Guide: when did you marry?
Sub: i was 21.
Guide: never had an affair until last week?
Sub: no, i had three encounters with a massage therapist a few years back. i was afraid there was something wrong with me and that was why my H was gay.
Guide: oh, mentioned
Guide: no...there's nothing wrong with you, sweetheart.
Guide: Gotta dash.
Guide: Anything else?
Sub: Goodbye, Sir. Thanks again.
Guide: OK...bye for now.


Guide: Hello,
Sub: Hello Guide.
Guide: just passing through...I trust all is well?
Sub: Very well. Thanks.
Guide: Good...any questions I can help you with?
Sub: At the end of the month i am suppose to get back to Master. Do you have any instructions for me?
Guide: I think it's a bit may have to delay that for a bit. I will send you to him when I think his use of you will be helpful to you.
Sub: Yes, Sir. Other than that, i'm working well with my monitor. Thank you. i hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.
Guide: Do you feel a need to be used by Master?
Sub: No sir.
Guide: I didn’t think so.
Sub: i feel like i am myself again.
Guide:'re getting there, sweetheart.
Guide: However...if I think it will be helpful to you, you will see him again.
Sub: Thank you again for being there when i needed you.
Guide: you may not make decisions about who uses you or how or when.
Sub: Other than H, i understand?
Guide: Of course...I'm watching you.
Guide: yes, of course, but even his use of you must be accounted for.
Sub: Yes Sir. i very much appreciate that.
Guide: When do you cum again?
Sub: i don't know. i don't have permission.
Guide: I wish for you to cum once a day...please thank me on your calendar.
Sub: Yes Sir. Thank you.
Guide: but your arousal should be fairly constant, yes?
Sub: It is low, but there.
Guide: Let me look at your calendar. Please touch while I do.
Sub: Yes sir.
Guide: yes...long periods in the middle of the day without masturbation
Sub: Yes sir.
Guide: no wonder it's should be appreciably high now, however
Guide: who is your monitor?
Sub: _______________
Guide: ask her for information on smartballs
Sub: i have them but haven't used them yet, or any of the other items You asked me to obtain. i will ask her.
Guide: have these?
Sub: Yes Sir.
Guide: good...please use the smartballs immediately...just wear them.
Sub: i insert them, i assume.
Guide: yes...only fits one way
Guide: do you have experience with a plug?
Sub: No Sir.
Sub: i assume i should wash this first.
Guide: The smartballs?
Sub: Yes Sir. They are still in the box.
Guide: there?
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: put them in your mouth, please
Sub: Yes, Sir. i can only fit one.
Sub: 1 1/4
Guide: then do it twice
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: your cunt is wet, I assume
Guide: wet
Sub: Yes. Sir.
Guide: slide the smartballs in so the string is revealed
Sub: Ok
Guide: keep them in place for several hours a day until you are wearing them comfortably without distress
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: if you experience cramping etc, remove them and remark on it on your calendar
Sub: They are rather large. i will Sir.
Guide: as for the plug...that requires training and instruction...let me know when you have time and privacy and I'll call you to give you instructions on a first use...
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: do not wear the balls around your husband...
Sub: Yes, Sir.
Guide: and keep both of these items out of his view
Guide: any questions?
Sub: No, Sir. Thank you for everything.
Guide: I'm watching you carefully.
Guide: Have a peaceful holiday.
Guide: Bye for now.
Sub: Thank you, Sir. bye.

A Few Months Later


You, Sir, make domination an art form. i never had a chance. You knew what i wanted and You set out the path and patiently watched me follow You to complete submission. You amaze me.



I have been thinking of when we meet for the first time.. you are in the room, as instructed, standing in the far corner from the entry door, your nose tight there for disciplinary reasons. A business suit, light colored. When I enter, I command "Stay" and you do. I walk up behind you, and as you keep your face pressed in the corner I remove first your jacket, then your blouse, then your bra, stroking you physically and verbally as I do. I reach around and tease your nipples, My property. They harden at My touch. I take your wrists, binding them loosely behind your back to maximize your feeling of vulnerability to Master. I unzip your skirt, dropping it, revealing your woman’s ass, framed in the elastic and nylon of garter belt and stockings. Tangling My fingers in your ponytail I pull you to Me, taking your mouth with my tongue, kneading your breasts. I walk you, My willing prisoner toward the bed and My knee...
i already need You and that scares me. Ciao for now.I am here for you, little one. I am available to talk when you are ready..ok? Thank you... for everything.Are you there?You, Sir, have seduced my mind, my body, and my heart within a matter of days. i am torn between the woman i have always portrayed myself to be and the woman only You have unveiled. You may or may not realize the power You wield so lightly. To be frank, i fear losing myself, or worse. Should we be discovered, my conduct could impact a custody battle. The bruises remain and, call me superstitious, but seeing my husband last week felt like a warning. i do hope You are feeling much better now. Your confused and struggling sub. I know this is a hard transition, but understand I do not treat it lightly. I admit, I do not portray a grave countenance at all times, but I know exactly how deeply I have moved you. I want to see you either tomorrow or
Wednesday for lunch. I want you to feel My hands on your body.

I have missed you too sweetheart, more than you imagine, but I am back. I am tired tonight, but perhaps Tuesday, we can meet sometime during the day, for at least a brief spanking (I think you have been such a good girl you have earned one) then something more...intense later in the week. I want to feel your body against Mine. I also realized, that if I sit in the passenger seat and lean it back, and you kneel in the driver seat, you may very well be able top serve your Master that way....don't you think?


I am very much looking forward to spanking your behind until it is pink and glowing. *you* need it dreadfully, as do I.

Master, You are right. Your little slave does need Your punishment as a reminder that she is owned and cared for. she feels lost without Your direction.

I look forward to having you moan into Master's mouth as I twist your nipple, My tongue fucking you while My fingers grip your hair. You are such a cunt for your Master. so We make your sweet butt and sucking mouth available for Master tomorrow, when can your wet, tight, gripping, throbbing, pulsing pussy available for your Master to use?


I have been having some fantasies about you, thinking about all this. I have always wanted you to serve as waitress to me and a group of friends for a super bowl type party, a bunch of guys watching a big sporting event on TV, in a hotel suite.

The _________play the __on Thursday, ______________starting at 9:30 p.m. on TNT. i can arrange a late night out with my "girlfriends" so that i could serve my Master and His friends during this upcoming sporting event..

I would have you dress in a French maid’s uniform, including heels and hose and garter. You would come in the room, regularly, take drink orders, snacks, etc. Each time you would come in, you would wear one less article of clothing.

Master, Your slave can easily arrange for the French maid's uniform, heels, hose, and garter, as well as the drinks and snacks. If Master were to provide the order in which He wishes for his cunt to undress, Master's instructions will be followed.

After several visits I would want you to “accidentally” spill a drink on my lap. I wouldbecome angry, bend you over my knee and spank your behind thoroughly, then in an angry voice order you to clean it up. You would get a towel, and drop to yourknees, wiping my crotch.

If i were to spill a drink on Master's lap, (even if upon His command), i would, of course, expect to be scolded and punished accordingly, whether that be by my Master's mighty hand or any implement of His choice. If Master chose to humiliate me in this way in front of His guests, i would certainly recognize the severity of my wrong and immediately attempt to make amends. Master does not delay punishment because He sees that i learn best if i am immediately corrected and punished after each of my transgressions. To take time to do this while He is hosting a party is yet another way my Master shows how much He cares for me. With tears in my eyes, i would graciously thank my Lord and Master for his kindness in caring so much,

Eventually, you would unzip Me, and take out My cock and continue to “clean itup”. After sucking Me until I filled your mouth with cum, (Master, a very thoughtful reward for such a clumsy slave. Still crying, with Your cock in my mouth, i would thank You repeatedly for Your forgiveness.) I would instruct you to serve the friend next to Me….and so on. I would invite my other friends to take you from behind as you sucked cock… i, of course, would realize that having embarrassed my Master in front of His guests, i would say to each man present,

"Sir, i truly regret that my misconduct has interrupted your game. i do not wish you to think ill of my Master for the clumsiness of His slave. He is truly a most gracious Host. my Master has suggested that i suck your cock as a way of showing my sincerity. Sir, if this would please you, i would be ever so grateful to make amends in this manner."

After each task, i would ask the guests forgiveness, and then seek out my Master for His approval before continuing. With Master's direction, i would strive for each guest to be awed by the magnitude of my Master's generosity and impressed by my Master's power. If my Master also wished to share His cunt with His guests, with a single command, "Spread," my legs would part, accepting whatever my Master wished to happen next.

i understand that my Master has spent His time and His energy for more than a year teaching a novice, training her, shaping her to serve as His slave. This intelligent, bright woman whose submissive nature He accepted and recreated her specifically to His liking.

my Master, if You wish to show off the fruits of Your labor, i will not disappoint You. it pleases me so very much that You actually believe that i am ready for such a test. i will not disappoint You, Master.

Anyway…an interesting fantasy. Perhaps, or perhaps a well designed party for You and a "group of " Your friends scheduled just 18 days from today. That is just enough time to make the guest list and get the invitations in the mail. Master, my deepest desire is to discover and fulfill each and every one of Your fantasies. Please help me elevate this fantasy to a pleasant memory. Pretty please.

Come (a come here gesture)Present (a fist)Kneel (flat palm facing down, parallelto the ground)Down (same as kneel but the flat palmmoves lower)ACTUALLY, I THINK THIS WOULD BE BETTER IFI POINT DOWN WITH A SINGLE FINGER. THAT SHOULDCLARIFY THE CONFUSION.By "down" do You want me to sit on thefloor, assume a doggie style posture on all fours, orlie down on my stomach?PRESENT IS USED IN LIEU OF A DOGGIE STYLE...HEAD DOWN,ASS UP...LEGS SPREAD SOMEWHAT. DOWN WOULD BE FOR YOUTO SIT NEAR mASTER SO I CAN STROKE YOUR HEAD, LIKE THEFAVORITE PET YOU ARE TO MASTER. I SEE NO NEED TODIRECT YOU TO LAY FLAT, AS YOU ARE TOO SEXY IN OTHERPOSITIONS, AND THE FAVORITE PIECES ARE MORE EASILYACCESSED IN OTHER POSITIONS.Spread (index and middle fingers form a vsign). MMM I LIKE THAT, MY WHORE.
I am sorry, Master. i was so busy writing to You, i forgot to remove the plug until just now, 2:28. i will be more careful to watch the time tomorrow. Thank You for providing a task for me. i feel like i am going to crawl out of my skin if i don't have some way of connecting to You.

crawling out of your skin....I understand. I want you to remember that I really do love you, that you really are Mine, and that you can never stop that. We have a bond that will always remain, Master to slave...always. That was a very respectful response you wrote. I have decided I will allow you to serve Master that way, to make the fantasy a reality.

However, writing an excellent letter does not excuse missing a deadline. As a reminder of who owns you, and what it means to be owned, I want a few paragraphs from you about how it feels to be owned by Master, when we are together, and how it feels to be separated emotionally from Him

How do you feel when My hands are on you, when you kneel for Me, when I bend you over My knee?

In retribution for missing a deadline set by Master, i humbly offer my Master the following:

There are those who claim to have had what they describe as an "out of body" experience, typically triggered by some brush with death. I, on the other hand, have had an "out of personality" experience. While my life was not endangered, the post mortem of my female sexuality was painfully obvious from the rather depressing examination of my underwear drawer. To have called these items "panties" would have been such a gross overstatement as to have caused Victoria's Angels to weep.

Discovering, after 15 years of marriage, that my husband was gay, I did what any sane woman would do -- got on anti-depressants, went to marriage counseling, and made passionate love to both Ben & Jerry on a frequent and consistent basis. Having reached a state of well-being that only a middle-aged, sex starved woman with no hope for intimacy could, I decided to do something constructive. So I turned to my source of all answers for difficult questions -- that omniscient oracle, the World Wide Web.

It wasn't long after that, I found myself, standing, facing the corner of a designated hotel room, dressed and coifed as He requested. He had described the scene to me to allay my fears, but to no avail. Had I lost my mind? What was I doing? He entered the room. My heart was pounding. As he stood behind me, it was too late to run. He was large and strong and if he wished me to remain, I knew that he could quite easily impose his will on me. I froze. Slowly the events began to unfold just as he had described them. He undressed me, fondled my breasts, and I found myself following the commands of this virtual stranger, known to me as "Master" a word which to me was simply a pen name at that point. Within minutes, I am bent over his knee, fully exposed, receiving the spanking I had fantasized about since I was a little girl. A physical act that signaled that I was not the one in control. It was at that very moment when I realized I was having an "out of personality" experience. You see, I am a control freak. I control my career, my home, my family, my life, ultimately everything I see or touch. But at this instant in time, I wasn't. I was out of control, yet grateful to be so.

My excitement was quite evident by the state of arousal between my legs which he noted and took full advantage of. Then... "Go and bring me the knife on the dresser." I stood, and while any sane woman would have run for the door, I slowly walked to the dresser, picked up the knife, and as if in a trance, I actually handed this man a knife. My mind was racing as he shaved a piece of ginger root and instructed me to "Present," previously defined for me to mean, "assume a prone position leaving your ass readily accessible." Once in position, he inserted the ginger into me and in spite of the ever-increasing intensity of the burning it created, I struggled against complaint. Then realizing I was whimpering in pain, he removed it and quickly drew me into his comforting arms, profusely apologizing and explaining that this terrible experience was somehow a source of intense pleasure for some women, and that he had never intended to hurt me. As he held me close, whispering words of comfort to the little initiate now trembling in his arms, I realized two things. One, I am truly submissive. It is not a game, not a scene I wish to play act and return to normal. To the contrary, it is who I am, and all else is the act. Second, I knew that I had found someone who understood everything that this discovery meant and who was willing to assume the responsibility of guiding me and protecting me as I explored a whole new world. i had discovered a Master.

His words were tender and encouraging and i longed for our visits. He knew exactly how to handle me. It was as if He read my mood each time i walked in the door. Sometimes the spankings were powerful, as if He sensed i needed His help bringing me out of my normal control state. Sometime i could not become slave without His spanking me. i needed His spanking to help me reach that level of peace of mind. Sometimes His spankings were erotic, stopping to fondle me and lovingly stroke me. i day dreamed about when i would next get to kneel before Him, His slave, following His orders to "Suck Master's cock", "Take it deep." i longed to taste His cum and then rest my head upon His thigh. i wanted to hear Him call me His "good whore" or "sweet cunt."

my need for His approval, for His touch, for His direction, grew ever stronger. Terrified by the power this man was gaining over me, i instinctively pulled back. For months i tried to forget Him. It was just a mid-life crisis. It would pass.

It didn't pass, and i was relieved and grateful when He took me back without question, like a lost sheep returning to the shepard. i still get scared. i can't afford to lose myself in Him and periodically i feel compelled to pull back and get my sea legs. i can only give Him so much, and i must remain distant enough to continue to function in my "real life." Finding that balance is not easy. my mind and body ache for Him when I am not with Him, but too much of His affection, His tenderness and His patient training, take me to the very brink of losing myself. It has been over a year since i started down this road. With each step i find myself drawn deeper and deeper into a relationship so complex that the tie between the physical and the emotional can not be defined. i know it isn't love in the husband / wife sense of the word. i was in love once, long ago. i do not fancy myself as His wife, and i do not wish to deceive Him. In many ways, my feelings are much deeper. i am His servant, His slave. i desire Him with an intensity that is at times overwhelming. my body aches for His touch. my mind longs for his guidance. i crave His instruction, His punishment, His forgiveness, and ultimately His words of praise. He is my Master, and i am His clay to stretch and mold, then to stretch further, and remold as He leases. Because of Him, i am female. i am owned and loved by Master.


I got your voice mail and just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly. You want Your cock in my mouth while I'm being pierced.

Yes I think that is something We would both look Back on as a landmark moment.

First, what type of piercing place would allow that

Actually, I suspect that is not that unusual. I may be wrong, and I want to discuss it with the shop.

Second, and more importantly, during painful procedures, aren't objects inserted into the mouth for biting down on to provide an outlet for the pain?

Yes, but you have a very high threshold of pain, and I don’t think you would do that to Me.

You might want to rethink that fantasy.

I might, but I would like to explore it a bit before I do.


That was very, very nice. I love the sound of you cumming for your Master. I only wish I was there so I could feel that tight cunt grip Master's cock as you cum.
Master loves His little whore.


The large plug is in and i came for You. After a weekend off, it is not easy to insert and takes a while to adjust to. Having this inside me really makes me want Master's cock. i get soooo wet. i want to be kissed, fondled, and used by You! Your slut is ready for Master. slave

I am really looking forward to having your ass, slave girl. I want to pull you to Me, kiss you, bend you over, spank your ass a bit...stroke your wet cunt until you cum while bent over for Master", then let you taste and savor Master's cock for a while.... then I want to take you into My bed to stroke you and toy with you a with your ass for a while with the plug tease and twist your nipples, stroke your cunt so you cum with the plug in your ass....then take you, bend you over, and take that tight ass with Master's hard hard cock... then have you and use you.... Master,

That sounds perfectly delicious. Your slave loves being Your play toy! i have already adjusted to the plug. It is just the first few minutes that are a bit unpleasant, then for reasons unknown to me, i get really anxious for Master's attention. This would definitely be a cure if i ever get aloof or uppity, because with this plug in i'm ready to beg Master for any attention He might be willing to spare for His whore. i suppose another way to describe it is that this brings out the "sub" in me.

Honestly, I believe that when a girl gives her ass to her Master, it is one of the most submissive things that she can do. It is a true gift of her body, and I think the entire process of getting there is a real journey in submission. Master is very pleased to take you on this journey.

i'm glad You didn't take my ass the first day we met. Your patience has been a big comfort to me, and has made me want to give myself to You. No one could have possibly been a better Dom for me. You have seduced my mind and my will. Now, at last, my body. Like taming a wild animal You have moved slowly, observing, waiting, until i come to You to eat from Your hand. You are amazing.

When you wrote to me and advised me that you had sensitivity and a bit of blood on the plug the other day you did exactly the right thing, and I want to expand on that.

We are entering a real transitional phase for you right now. One of us, either you or Me may push this too far, too fast. I want you to promise Master on bended knee that you will come to Me if you have what you think is inappropriate pain, problems, concerns,
worries, or other problems.

I want you to promise Me that you will get My attention and make sure I understand that there is something wrong. I expect this of you, and you owe it to Me. I cannot make wise decisions based on poor information. If you feel unsafe in any way....make sure I understand that, so I can either take action to fix the problem, or to clearly explain to you why it is not as you understood.

Is that clear?


Dear Sir,

i happen to be a vibrant sex slave who desires You. i would typically be willing to accept total responsibility for my actions, but in this particular regard, i would contend, Sir, that You are at least partially to blame for my insatiable appetite. Do not toy with me! This is no laughing matter. my situation is desparate, and increasingly so. Large dominant men in the area are no longer safe to wander the malls, the grocery stores, the streets. If i play the piano with any more passion, the keys will burst into flame. You have opened Pandora's box. Should You fail to accept responsibility for what You have unleashed, both You and the innocent will suffer the consequences. Then, let it be on Your head, when the masses look upon Your face, shaking their heads, completely baffled as to why You denied a poor slave what You could so easily have granted.


little one

I assume you are bare for Master today. If not, immediately go remove the offending garments, and email a confession to me, knowing that a spanking will result on Friday.


i am in pants! How's that for a confession! , Your cunt-covered, back-talking, flogger lovin' slave

Master, i am soooooo wet for You. At this moment i just want to be chained to Your saw horse, flogged, and used. i don't want to think. i just want to serve and feel. Even if You just chain me and set me off in a corner somewhere to wait for You and Your cock, i would be happy.


I want to tangle My fingers in your hair, pull you tome, kiss you deeply while I grope your breasts, and your cunt... then push you face down into the mattress so your wet cunt is presented to me to inspect stroke and use.

You sweet talker!

I want to see your ass reach up for the flogger. and to hear your whimpers as you take my cock deep in that lovely sucking mouth. and to feel you cum for Me, My fingers, My cock, My mouth. for your information, you are the only woman I have really enjoyed giving oral sex. your response makes it quite pleasant.


Master,Your slave is now wet and aching for Master's attention.
Your little cunt


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Yippeeeeee!!!!!! Squeals of Delight!!!! i LOVE my Master. i get a collar. i get a collar. la la la la la la. smile smile smile. Then i'll be a real slave, just like when Pinochio became a real boy.


I have said this before...I have never enjoyed giving head to a woman before, but your reactions, the trembling release, vulnerable whimpers and deeply given moaning makes it a favorite of Mine now, and one I fully intend to explore ever more as My ownership and control and use of you deepens.

i am truly touched. Thank You, Master.
have I told you that you are really very pleasant to eat? I love the way you react, and you are the sweetest tasting girl Master has ever had....without doubt.
rats, I am not...hmmm I could all and just listen thru my earphone...and have you cum for
Master...can you do that?
no panties
no crossed legs
plug as previously instructed
masturbation on the even hour with an email confirmation to your Master

Soon my Master You will have me within Your grasp and i will serve as Master's little playtoy for hours and hours. "Kneel! Suck! Take it deep! Spread! Present!" my knowledge of Master's short commands is rather limited. Perhaps Master could teach His hungry slave more commands by His mere gesture or a single word. Then my obedience could be swift and flawless. i am anxious to know Your every desire and to fulfil it quickly like a beautiful dance.

I am sure you performed your task in a timely manner?
Yes Sir, i did.

Are you excited to be serving in this way?

Very much so, as noted by how quickly i could cum at lunch. I am so very wet. Plus this is actual training in preparation for Your taking me to the next level. It is tricky to walk, and the area is a little tender today, but i can tell that my body is adapting to the insertion. i plan to order a larger size later today in hopes that i might adjust to it before serving You. i'm scared because Master's cock is so big, but i'm emotionally ready.

I look forward to hearing you and feeling you give yourself up in that way to Me...another landmark in submission.

i'm particularly relieved that only You will be kissing me. i will want to be able to see You or at least know where You are in the room. i want to look into Your eyes to see if You are happy with me, plus You are very good at reading me and can reassure me with just a single look.

I will absolutely be there within sight usually touching you in some way during the experience.

i very much appreciate Your protective instincts and wisdom. i assume that Your friends may invite friends whom they really trust, which is fine with me because You will be there with me, but i would prefer that everyone but my Master use a condom. i do have a
stupid question. Do i give blow jobs with a condom? Wouldn't that taste awful?

I suspect it might, which was why I asked. I want you to go to the drugstore and look for flavored condoms, buy several and taste them, see what you think. If you find one you can stand, then buy several, so we can make sure that everyone has one. Conversely,
would you RATHER have their cum

I long for the site of you on your knees on My leash.


i am dressed in a skirt, slip, camisole, shell, and blouse. No bra or panties.

Wonderful...I bet you look fantastic. I want you to begin wearing heels every day...not extremely tall ones, but heels that emphasize your legs and ass. If you go to a serious meeting you can change to flats. you are a very sexy young lady, My sweet slave...and I will, of course, do that. I knew I could.

By the way, have i ever told You that You have an incredibly sexy voice?

not lately.

I am turning you into My whore, real life, as you can see from my email. I will call you around 10 so you can use your new toy anally and cum for Master. By the way, it occurred to Me that you could wear the larger in your cunt and the smaller in your ass at the same time, with panties keeping them in

i felt so badly for disappointing You i put on the chain that clamps to my nipples and inner lips and wore them very very tight for a while. God it hurts especially bad when they come off OUUUUUUUCH! Here are pictures to show Master that i regret disappointing the One who is so good to His unworthy slave. i wish i could bow at Master's feet and kiss them to show Him how much i desire His forgiveness.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my Lord and Master, from Your little Irish slave. i came for You at 6:00 in the shower. i am wearing a green skirt (so no pinching my ass!), bra, green sweater, high heels. i'm sorry but i crossed my legs once again. i don't actually put one leg over the other because my desk is so low i can't, but i have a habit of resting my feet up on the edge of the waste basket under my desk and cross my ankles when i do so. i catch myself and realize i have closed off Master's access to His pussy and quickly uncross them and scold myself. Thank You Master for staying up late talking to me. i was thinking about the filming idea. Perhaps it would be simpler just to take a few pictures where it is clear to Your guests that You are only shooting me and their torsos, not their faces. As for who greets Your guests at the door, they may feel more at ease entering the room if i meet them. If You greet them and immediately give them Your stern look of examination (which i know You will), they might turn and run. i took one of the photos i sent You and applied a computerized effect. i thought You might like it.

Top of the Morning,


1) Master is NEVER going to go cold on His slave girl
2) If I EVER sound distant, it is ONLY because at the moment I cannot speak freely.
3) I will try to remember the drawer thing...good idea.
4) If your Master is ever...ever mad at you...there will be absolutely NO doubt in your if you find yourself wondering if I am mad...then I am not.


If they change their minds after they see my pictures, please don't tell me. (i'm only half kidding). i'm sure the post-caning photo will be a hit.

Don't be silly...the pictures will seal the deal. I am not sharing the caning these guys are vanilla.

Your "slave girl." i love the sound of that.

We have not discussed this, but I want to now. You understand this is a one time thing? you are MY property, and I don't share as a rule. We will not be doing this again, nor will you ever do this again (especially without me), this is a fantasy fulfillment, not a change to a different lifestyle. you are PRIVATE property, not a whore for other men. Is that clear? You are mine, you will remain mine and mine alone...always. If we went to a small D/s party, I might show you off in some manner, but you are privately mine, your mouth, legs and ass are restricted to MY use. Is that clear? you are owned, and will remain so.

i have been thinking about your last email and it makes me sad to think You are concerned about this. Master, if Your real intention in doing this is to fulfill a fantasy for me, then i'd prefer that we not go forward with the party. i want to please You. When i read Your email saying You had been fantasizing about this, i responded because i wanted to give You something special. It wasn't until later that it hit me that You might really be doing this only because You wanted to give me something. You don't have to do this. Pleasing You and making You proud of me is all that matters. i can be Your maid and serve You and You alone, and i will be tickled pink.

little one...
you misread your Master. If you remember (you may not) that when I told you about this, you reminded me that this was a fantasy of yours. I had forgotten that, honestly. This is for ME, with the happy coincidence that it IS a fantasy of yours. I believe it does help in your wet enthusiasm to fully and happily cooperate. The definition of this event as a once (actually maybetwice) event had a twofold purpose. It was to anchor you in the knowledge that I want you for ME...not as a plaything for others, that you are Mine and always will be. Secondly, it was to reiterate My claim on you for my own possessive reasons...that you are Mine, always. I hope you understand the was to make you feel safe and secure, one was to pull tight on the leash on your remind you Who owned you...and loves you.


i understand and i'm relieved. i did not go on the website where i met You to find multiple sex partners. i was looking for a Master, and i was fortunate enough to have found You and been accepted by You. The headiness in this is that i am doing something i would never do and i'm doing it because of You. It is not the sex with these strangers that thrills me. It is that i am submitting to Your will. You will be there. You will be directing me. Sir, it is Your power over me that has me transfixed, Your possessiveness, and Your balance of discipline and tenderness. Not to imply that Your huge cock isn't plenty enough reason for any woman. No worries, my Master. i view the upcoming series of events as a rite of passage, a mental bridge from novice to Your slave in both mind and body. It is Your approval i seek. Your touch i desire. The rest
are not men but simply props in a one-Act play for Your use in emotionally seducing me and thereby binding me even further to You. i am a slut for only You because what i crave most, (to be owned and cherished), You already provide. I have no reason to look elsewhere. Thank You so very much for this opportunity and for the trust and faith You place in me.
i will do anything with Your friends that You approve, but i have a few requests. i'm comfortable with Your commanding that give Your friends blow jobs, or let them fuck Your cunt, or even if administer corporal punishment - spanking (hand, cane, belt) nipple weights, rope, stretcher bars, handcuffs, whatever, as long as it is all under Your watchful eye. However, if You intend to allow them to fuck me in the ass, i ask only that You take me first. i want my initial experience to be with my loving Master who owns me and has patiently awaited that pleasure. If You think You may wish to enjoy this new victory over my mind and body during the party, i will prepare in advance for the possibility by purchasing a larger plug. i also prefer not to kiss anyone else on the mouth. This is a tender gesture that to me has emotional meaning beyond physical gratification. These are requests, but I will, of course, comply if You choose otherwise.

little one
I am willing to allow access to your mouth and cunt, but your ass will remain mine and mine alone...always. I do intend to have it and you before any other activities.
As far as corporal punishment and bdsm activities, I alone will administer that. Not only am I possessive of that relationship we share, but that could too easily get out of hand. I may bind your wrists or ankles myself, but that will be My decision and My action.
Certainly kissing will be mine alone also.
your loving Master

A Draft for Comment:

We are coming into the area for a couple of days near the end of March.
i appreciate Your implying we're from out of town.
She is an attractive, professional (an accountant, not a hooker)...
i very much appreciate the compliment and the distinction, although one
might argue the relative merits of any distinction between a whore and a hooker. At least a hooker is a business woman. tee hee.

who has always had a fantasy of being the belle of the to speak.
cute... very cute

Her fantasy involves pleasing men while we watch a sporting event on TV. It is embarrassing that they know this, but it humbles me to have such a personal secret disclosed to strangers and helps remind me of my slave status. i also realize that as a slave they may be concerned about doing something i might later claim was against my will, so it is important for them to know that i welcome this.
If you are willing to wear a condom and behave, then you might be invited.
Your concern for my safety is very much appreciated, but You have always taken good care of me so i'm not at all surprised.

If you are between 25 and say 55, reasonably attractive, send me an email with adescription and picture.
Why cut off at 55? i'm curious. As for looks, they are unimportant but i do realize that this enabled Master to request pictures so that i could see if i knew any of them. i hadn't thought of that. Once again, Master takes very good care of His whore.
She will not be chatting with you, nor you with her. This is her fantasy not yours. In fact she won't speak without permission.
Thank You, Master. This takes a lot of pressure off of me. i would have no idea what to say to these gentlemen.

Looking for 3-5 guys.
As long as its lower than 17!

I will be present and will participate (only with her...we are both straight) and ensure that all goes smoothly.
This is the line that excites me and reassures me.
------------------------------------------------------This was a “follow-up” I sent to the responders:
Ok here is the situation: We have had quite a good response, but I have chosen you along with a few others to participate, trying to provide a variety physically and age-wise for her enjoyment and for everyone’s entertainment.
i am touched by the amount of time and thought that You have put into this for me. To have been specifically selective for my enjoyment is so sweet.

If you agree to the conditions, she will have quite a party, I think.
Master is right. she will and fall into Master's loving arms when the night is over.
Let me discuss her a bit. She is quite an attractive ...
Thank You, Master. This always makes me blush a bit.
young lady, .... You are allowing Yourself some artistic leeway here i believe.

mid-40’s, married, but not to me.
.... Okay at least there was full disclosure as to my age. That i am married to someone else and doing this is a bit embarrassing. At first i wanted Master to tell them that her husband disclosed that he was gay some years back but then i realized they might get scared that i have HIV so as always, Master knew best all along.

As her pictures show, she has a nice butt and nice breasts. She is attractive, cute, she looks younger than her age and she has a very nice and winning smile.
... i like the word cute and i love "winning smile." You are such a charmer.

She is not tall, about 5 feet, 39-30-39 and wears a 38B bra.
.....Humiliation.... Suddenly wanted to put this off to lose weight and get in shape first!!!!

Honestly, as the picture shows, I think she has bigger breasts than that.
.... You may be right. i'm definitely a full B and probably could easily wear a C cup. Perhaps i'll try it next time i'm shopping for bras.

She is an accomplished and enthusiastic cocksucker.
.... accomplished???? i'm not sure about that. It sounds like i've been around. i've actually sucked very few cocks, but those i have sucked, i have sucked and sucked and sucked. (Sounds like an X rated Dr. Seuss line.) ... enthusiastic -- quite an understatement i would say. Perhaps "cocksucking zealot" might be more apt.

It is her preferred sexual activity.
...Well, in light of recent events, that might be changing....
However, her pussy is exceptionally tight and she does love to fuck.
... i'll have to take Master's word for it on tight, but i do love to fuck.

She cums readily and repeatedly.
... Lucky me. i personally must make up for at least 20 frigid women.
Additionally, she is well educated, very smart and quite funny.
..... The funny part surprises me, although i assume these gentlemen won't be seeing any of these particular qualities which is why i'm so hung up about my physical appearance.
We are in a Master/slave relationship.
.... i wonder if that scared people off. i personally love it. This is the first time You have shared that with anyone in relation to me anyway. Very cool and makes me feel good that Master is proud enough of me to claim me this way.

She is truly, emotionally a slave to Me, so keep that in mind.
... Quite a territorial remark. i LOVE it.

How she is treated is a reflection on her Master and is MY responsibility.
... i still say that You should write a book. This is so seductive.

I will ENSURE that she is treated properly and with respect, not harmed eitherphysically or emotionally.
...i trust You and love You for Your possessiveness and for Your protectiveness.

No slapping, hitting, cursing or other physical abuse.
...As You know, i am no delicate flower. i recognize very well that part of what You are getting from this fantasy is to show off just how much power You have over me. i also recognize that this means that You will be testing me in many ways, to both show off and to give me the opportunity to take pride in passing each test You choose to put before me. If You choose to do that through the others present, i recognize that it is not sharing that You are doing, but exercising the depth of Your power over my will, my mind, and my body. You know me well enough to know that a certain level of abuse drives me wild. i also know that i get plenty of what i desire from my Master and trust You completely to monitor the others and keep them within Your limits and only Your limits.

You may encourage her; give her respectful suggestions or directions.
.... i really liked this line. As You know, i love to please and i very much want the guests to experience the very best blowjob, fuck, whatever, that i can possibly give. Since i am inexperienced, their suggestions will be very much appreciated and i hope that You will reiterate this point at the Party. if there is a particular position they want to try, or they want me to slow down, suck harder, lick more, whatever, i will try hard to do it in the manner that most pleases them, assuming that this pleases Master for His whore to wish to please Master's chosen guests.

If you come to the party half drunk, you will not get to play.
Thank You. Once again, You are so wise and protective. i love you!!!

Are we clear?
You are such a Dom!
This is how the party will progress: This is a “rite of passage” for her, showing her Master that she is truly a slave girl ready to serve as her Master desires.
i absolutely love that You told them this! This sentence sums up the event for me.

It IS, however, coincidentally, a long-held fantasy of hers.
Once again, embarrassing.

She will be dressed as a French Maid, costume, heels, garters.
This makes me feel a bit silly but will help me get into the right state of mind to serve You and Your guests.

We will have a game on TV to fulfill the requirements of her “rite of passage” and of her fantasy.
Maybe the sound of the television will drown out my sounds?

She will serve cold drinks and light snacks (chips and dips).
Just give me the approximate number and i'll buy everything and have it all ready.
I will provide one beer for each guest, no more. This is a safety issue.
Thank You for this. it had never occurred to me.

This will start at the beginning of the game.
Whatever You choose.

At that point, she will be hostess, pleasantly serving her respectful guests.
"respectful".... Nice touch.

She will sit with Me and I will play with her in any manner I see fit, gradually disrobing her during the first half.
Reading this makes me wet and causes me to catch my breath.

Festivities will begin sometime before half time.
Once again, this is Master's call.
The MINIMUM “hospitality” she will provide for each of you is one blow job and one fuck.
That was clear.

Her ass is strictly off limits.
You really don't like to share Your toys.

She will NOT kiss any of you.
This is actually very important to me. i'm not sure exactly why i feel that way. i realize it is bizarre that i'm willing to do anything else, but i really don't want to kiss them. To me, kissing is love.

You will wear condoms that we will provide. You will put these on carefully, yourself, and will remove them yourselves, then dispose of them and wash up for the second stage of the above promised hospitality.
Very nice. i will also have the materials there to douche at any point should Master deems it appropriate, certainly at the end of the evening before i return to Master's loving cock.
Remember, we are sleeping there, so keep the place clean.
Excellent point.
She will act only on My direction.
Once again, this makes me smile with pride.

She will give her Master head first, and then I will fuck her, but I will cum in her mouth,
Yippy. Yippy. Yippy. Yippy. Yippy. Yippy.

leaving her pussy with only her own natural lubrication, which is adequate, I assureyou.
Blush, blush, blush.

Then she will be directed to give each of you head, in turn. If it seems appropriate, I will direct her to make her pussy available for another to fuck her as she gives head. You will all need to be flexible in that. Now that is my part of the fantasy. i have always wanted to have cock in my mouth and cock in my pussy at the same time. That will be mind-blowing.
It is possible that I might allow the party to continue beyond the promised hospitality, but that decision is strictly up to Me. Neither her opinion nor yours is significant in this. I will make this decision Myself.
It is this discretion into the unknown that leaves me very curious and extremely excited as to what surprises Master has planned for His little whore. Not knowing everything that is going to happen is very arousing.

Don't count on this.
Yes, because i may not have the stamina and could end up a lifeless sticky heap on the floor after the guaranteed Minimum.
Here is the potential deal-breaker, although I would think not.
It was either the money or the pictures that caused the number to drop so much from the original 17. You have once again managed to protect me from any self-criticism by making another rational reason for why they might have changed their minds. Thank You.

This event will take place Thursday evening. I intend to have 3-5 guests, depending on my own whim, but I am sending this to more than that in order to get an adequate number of firm responses…so to speak.
Once again, it is exciting that Master is in charge and i don't have to think about it or worry about it.
First commitments get first call.
I WILL ensure that this is a safe environment, for her and for our guests.
They have no idea how serious You are about that and i hope no one tests You on it.
If you have any questions, email me back ASAP. I look forward to your positive response. This letter covered so much and shows how much thought You have put into this for me. i am indeed Your grateful and obedient slave.

Did you know that your Master loves you?
Yes, Master, i know that You love me. i came for You last night before falling asleep and again at 8:00 this morning. i am wearing a skirt, cotton camisole and blouse, high heels. (no bra or panties) i haven't crossed my legs!!!! Yeah!!

I would like you to take me some pictures today then...fully dressed, and piece by piece disrobing for Me.

Among the many things You are trying to arrange for me, could You squeeze in taking me for a ride on Your bike? Although if You take me first, i might be a little tender for a bike ride. (tee hee)

We should be able to do that I think.

i love You Master! my entire body aches for Your attention. i have to go home now. i really enjoyed riding half naked in Your truck holding on to You. i enjoy it when You touch me in public. i enjoy Your selecting my clothes. i enjoyed when You said, "Take care of him, baby." and when i was confused You said, "Take him in your mouth." i enjoyed Your showing me off and caning me in front of Your guests. i enjoyed Your taking the toilet away from me and Your insisting that i use the bath in front of Your watchful eyes. i enjoyed Your leaning me over the truck seat, and standing behind the truck door, lifting my skirt and spanking me in the parking lots. i enjoyed posing for Your camera. i enjoyed resting my head on Your thigh with Your cock in my mouth. i enjoyed being handcuffed, chained, and flogged all over. i enjoy Your spanking Your pussy. i enjoyed Your exercising Your control and telling Blane he couldn't make me cum on his leg. i enjoyed Your telling me to bend over the chair and spread my legs. i enjoyed that You knew all those guys were envious of You and Your power over me, sitting there knowing that You could have a blowjob, a fuck, or whatever You wanted anytime You wanted it. i knew that must make You feel great. i enjoyed watching Your face as You watched the video You commanded me to make for You. i enjoy everything You do to me and everything You let me do for You. Have a great weekend, Master.

Master thought you would like to read these:

I wanted to thank you for yesterday. I enjoyed myself and I hope it was what you were looking for.

Thanks so much for this afternoon. Your lady was wonderful. Know what the biggest turn on for me was? Watching you two so devoted to each other. Corny, I know. But true. Thanks again, and if you have any video. stills, I'd love to see a few.

Thanks for the invite. The maid was very cute, has a nice ass and a nice tight pussy.
Thanks again,

Master thinks is right....andit was a turn-on for Me also.
that was very very nice. describe the sensations of penetration for me.

The first time, it took a long time to get it completely in. The discomfort is mostly around the point of entry, although there is something that gets pressed on just inside that doesn't want to give way without a fight. Once i had it in and then moved it around the discomfort at the entry had subsided and there was definite pleasure created by the pressure, which intensified when i began to slide it slightly in and out.
if you spread your cheeks and push it in, it should go in deep enough to stay, once it gets in to the narrow part.

After some effort, i was finally was sitting on the base. Maybe i'm shaped funny or the muscles are still so tight they push it back out. The good news is that i'm not scared of it anymore and now look forward to it as much physically as i was emotionally. Thank You Master for opening this door for me (so to speak). i'll try to send You a picture of the first one i was using and the one i just put in. i did take it out already.

You are more than welcome to shower my body and face with ANY of Your bodily fluids as You so choose. i am Your devoted slave and i'm grateful for any use You choose to make of me. You needn't hesitate. At this point, it is hard for me to think of anything short of a need for medical attention or a permanent alteration that i wouldn't feel comfortable accepting from You. You, Sir, have expanded my comfort zone considerably.


You had asked me to think of things that would be embarrassing for me even in private alone with You. Here are some things that i know or suspect would be uncomfortable for me:

Sometimes your vulnerability, your complete openness to me is moving. This is one of those times. you know why I want these things...because I cherish
your vulnerability.

Here are some things that i know or suspect would be uncomfortable for me:

Not being permitted to use a toilet.
Yes, you are very cute then.

Having to go to the bathroom in front of You.
I believe this brings you very close to Me.

Having to be present while You are using the toilet.
Probably not.

Having to answer questions about sex or use sexual language.
I like when you blush.

Being on my period.
For some reason I want you that take you when you are...not usually used that way...excites Me.

Just about anything related to my anus.
Embarrasses...but excites you, too...doesn't it?

Having to pose nude, whether to be looked at, filmed, or even just to be ignored.
[In other words, when there is activity, I forget to be embarrassed that i'm naked. If the focus is on my nakedness, then i can't forget.]

I will remember. you are so beautiful when

Being bathed or towel dried by You.
mmmm again, I will remember. I like to shower with you.

Having to ask Your permission to leave the room.
good slut.

i'm not embarrassed about being collared, chained, tied, spanked (without anal insertion), flogged, pulled by the hair, called whore or cunt. These things excite me.
this is because you are owned property, and your heart knows it...and your cunt knows it.

Welllll....I believe that will do quite nicely little one. Of course, I like you best in what you always have with you.

Just so you know..your Master's cock is so hard a cat couldn't scratch it...thinking of you in that leather miniskirt and that fine THAT is some good eatin'! Finger loking good! you may call Me if this makes you blush.

Whose property are you?

Who do you serve?

Who makes your cunt wet?

Whose cock do you ache for?

Whose slave are you?

i can take off tomorrow afternoon if You are crazy enough to come to to see Your property, the little one who serves You, whose cunt is wet for You, who aches for her Master's big cock and strong hands, and who is Your obedient sex slave.

I have never had a girl more eager nor more accomplished at providing a means to "blow off" the pent up "steam" that I have. On the other IS your fault I get that way, so it is only fair that you should benefit from it, I suppose.

Darlin', You ain't seen nothin' yet!

you give good email as well as good phone....but neither are QUITE as good as the head you give your Master, so I wait in turgid fashion for you to kneel for Me.

Well just spread my legs and lick me silly, You do have a way with words.

I have said this before...I have never enjoyed giving head to a woman before, but your reactions, the trembling release, vulnerable whimpers and deeply given moaning makes it a favorite of Mine now, and one I fully intend to explore ever more as My ownership and control and use of you deepens.

i am truly touched. Thank You, Master.

It is an interesting an oral Mastery of you that I have never experienced before bringing us closer in almost the opposite means that your service does...opposite but parallel. At any rate, I love the way you react to Me that I can make you cum with the tip of My tongue...My hands kneading your flesh as I take is a "growing closer" that I like very much. Of course, I like pulling you closer to me anytime, physically and mentally and emotionally.