Thursday, October 19, 2006


You had asked me to think of things that would be embarrassing for me even in private alone with You. Here are some things that i know or suspect would be uncomfortable for me:

Sometimes your vulnerability, your complete openness to me is moving. This is one of those times. you know why I want these things...because I cherish
your vulnerability.

Here are some things that i know or suspect would be uncomfortable for me:

Not being permitted to use a toilet.
Yes, you are very cute then.

Having to go to the bathroom in front of You.
I believe this brings you very close to Me.

Having to be present while You are using the toilet.
Probably not.

Having to answer questions about sex or use sexual language.
I like when you blush.

Being on my period.
For some reason I want you that take you when you are...not usually used that way...excites Me.

Just about anything related to my anus.
Embarrasses...but excites you, too...doesn't it?

Having to pose nude, whether to be looked at, filmed, or even just to be ignored.
[In other words, when there is activity, I forget to be embarrassed that i'm naked. If the focus is on my nakedness, then i can't forget.]

I will remember. you are so beautiful when

Being bathed or towel dried by You.
mmmm again, I will remember. I like to shower with you.

Having to ask Your permission to leave the room.
good slut.

i'm not embarrassed about being collared, chained, tied, spanked (without anal insertion), flogged, pulled by the hair, called whore or cunt. These things excite me.
this is because you are owned property, and your heart knows it...and your cunt knows it.

Welllll....I believe that will do quite nicely little one. Of course, I like you best in what you always have with you.

Just so you know..your Master's cock is so hard a cat couldn't scratch it...thinking of you in that leather miniskirt and that fine THAT is some good eatin'! Finger loking good! you may call Me if this makes you blush.

Whose property are you?

Who do you serve?

Who makes your cunt wet?

Whose cock do you ache for?

Whose slave are you?

i can take off tomorrow afternoon if You are crazy enough to come to to see Your property, the little one who serves You, whose cunt is wet for You, who aches for her Master's big cock and strong hands, and who is Your obedient sex slave.

I have never had a girl more eager nor more accomplished at providing a means to "blow off" the pent up "steam" that I have. On the other IS your fault I get that way, so it is only fair that you should benefit from it, I suppose.

Darlin', You ain't seen nothin' yet!

you give good email as well as good phone....but neither are QUITE as good as the head you give your Master, so I wait in turgid fashion for you to kneel for Me.

Well just spread my legs and lick me silly, You do have a way with words.

I have said this before...I have never enjoyed giving head to a woman before, but your reactions, the trembling release, vulnerable whimpers and deeply given moaning makes it a favorite of Mine now, and one I fully intend to explore ever more as My ownership and control and use of you deepens.

i am truly touched. Thank You, Master.

It is an interesting an oral Mastery of you that I have never experienced before bringing us closer in almost the opposite means that your service does...opposite but parallel. At any rate, I love the way you react to Me that I can make you cum with the tip of My tongue...My hands kneading your flesh as I take is a "growing closer" that I like very much. Of course, I like pulling you closer to me anytime, physically and mentally and emotionally.


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