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"Why would my fantasy hold any interest for you?" Because I desire a smart, capable submissive woman. For after all, what joy is there in submission of someone who has little to submit.

"In my real life, I am a successful professional with an advanced degree. My position requires that I be strong and confident." Many submissives are thus. "real life" requires a hard shell, but inside they are soft and need a guiding hand. It must be very hard for you. A lifelong need to be controlled and no help from the one who should help the most.

"H has no interest in intimacy with me much less "taking me in hand" but I am committed to my marriage because of our children. Nevertheless, I crave intimate contact with a strong man who might also appreciate an occasional diversion from an unfulfilling physical relationship with his wife." I do not understand a man who does not need his wife physically. I am the opposite, desiring sex and intimacy often. And control direct, to turn...fingers tangled in your hair, a look across a room causing you to get wet, knowing I own you...

“My desire is to be submissive and feminine –to experience the feeling of not having to be in charge but trusting that I am safe. I seek a Dominant (not a Sadist) who will tell me how to dress/undress for him, how to wear my hair for him, how to address him, and how to please him. He will hold me to his standards as well as my personal goals, and motivate me through caring discipline such as spanking, erotic embarrassment, etc." I am Dominant, not sadistic...though it makes me very hard to spank a girl...especially if she has been very bad. A sobbing blowjob from a girl is a wonderful thing. Yes, clothes, hairstyles, forms of address...all supervised and policed.

"Add a sense of humor to this perfect fantasy, and I am multi-orgasmic at the mere thought." It is hard to demonstrate a sense of humor on the computer. Rest assured I am adequate in thatdepartment. I laugh loudly and often.

"This is my tale of why my tail needs attention, what is yours? What do you desire? Why would my fantasy hold any interest for you?" As I said I am 50. I am on my second marriage. She is submissive, but she lives in another city, until I can find a job there. Because of this, our relationship has suffered, but lives on.I first realized I am Dom about 8 years ago, and it was like a light going off in my head. So many things were answered. I enjoy requiring a woman to dress for me....dresses or skirts, garters or knee panties... Always addressed as Sir or Master. Her body mine to use as I wish, when I wish, how I wish. Hard deep kisses as I tease her nipples or stroke her pussy. Bending her over without a word, her skirt up over her hips and taking her ass...because it is mine to take. A blowjob in a restaurant parking lot...discretion, but adventure. Anyway, that is me. If you have it in your head and your heart to submit, I want you to commit to not crossing your legs until we speak. Dresses or skirts and no panties until we speak. I want your pussy bare and open for me. Think hard about this. I know you need it...a red ass calls you and you ache for it. you may call Me Sir or Master when you write again.


Dear Sir, It is a "casual" Friday when everyone in this office wears jeans. Yet i sit here, legs uncrossed, in a skirt, blouse, stockings, and no panties. Why You may ask? Simply because a Stranger, whom i have yet to meet, instructed me to do so. His mere written words compel me and i do so willingly. Now i am wet and craving His approval. What next? i await your instructions.

I am excited knowing you are bare and wet for Me. That is a heady thing. I approve of what you have done. Right now, I want you to go to the ladies room, pull up that skirt, sit down and stroke that wet pussy of mine. If you can masturbate to orgasm, do that...if not, stroke it thinking about the time you present it to Me for inspection and use. I want to hear from you this afternoon. Master
______________________________________________________________________ To My baby girl, I have been thinking about you all weekend. I have several essays I want you to write for Me, things that will tell Me more about you. I would like the equivalent of 1-2 typewritten pages per essay, though you may write more if you feel you would like to tell Master more. If you are like Me, sometimes the words come trippingly off My fingers, but sometimes My fingers trip over the words. I am more interested in information and detail than writing style. 1. I want you to tell me each of the following things and why you feel that way. I am thinking sexually, but that is NOT necessarily what your answer should be, Tell Me what *you* think. a) The 3 things that you think are the most erotic b) The 3 things that you enjoy or excite you the mostc) The 3 things that really do NOT excite youd) The 3 things that you do not enjoy sexually For example...I have discussed anal sex. If that simply makes you ill thinking about it, I want toknow. 2. I want to hear in detail about your spanking encounter. Where and how you met, what happened. Where did you go, how you served him, how he used you, what you wish he had done and NOT done. Particularly about the spanking itself, and how he stroked and caressed you during the entire encounter. 3. What you feel about being a submissive woman. What do you have to offer? What do you need from your Master? What do you worry about, what do you hops does not happen. 4. I want to know about the deep dark recesses of your soul, What do you think or fantasize about that you have never told anyone. What is simply embarrassing to verbalize...what shames you but excites you? 5. What are you simply not interested in doing? For example...I am not going to harm you. No blood, no broken bones, no permanent marks. No kids. I am really not into sharing, but tell Me if that is a deep fantasy of yours. Animals are not on the agenda. On the other hand, what do you ache for Me to do, to use you, to make you feel, perhaps even to force you to do. I have lots and lots of ideas and a pretty fair range of experience. What works is when a sub and her Master are pretty close on the same page. I do not want to force you into something, like anal sex, that repels you. Long term, I intend to bend you to My will so that anything and everything I desire will literally be your command. But saying that and doing it are different, and it takes time to get to that point. I want you soon. I know you are needing My hands on you, My cock in you, My mouth on you. It will be soon. I want you to think when you are free. your loving Master _________________________________________________________
Essay 1: List of Top 3

a) The 3 things that you think are the most erotic 1) Being ordered to engage in sexual conduct 2) Being spanked and “owned” 3) Exhibitionism (without risk of arrest or recognition) b) The 3 things that you enjoy or excite you the most 1) The verbal foreplay (even if “dirty”)2) Someone whispering in my ear and kissing my neck (technically that is two, but they go together) 3) Having my nipples squeezed. c) The 3 things that really do NOT excite you 1) Men who want to be spanked. 2) The pony play, pet play, diaper play stuff – too bizarre even for me 3) Anything to do with excrement, animals, blood, (As for kids - not possible – that is why we adopted) d) the 3 things that you do not enjoy sexually 1) licking someone’s anus 2) I’ve never really enjoyed receiving oral sex. 3) Having sex with a woman

Essay No. 3 – Why do i seek submission?

i seek submission because i am exhausted from always having to be in charge. Going even deeper than this, i suppose i have wanted to be controlled all along. Even as a little girl before i even understood what sex was, i daydreamed about being spanked and felt excited by the idea. i suggested it once to my high school sweetheart, but he assumed i was joking and i was too embarrassed to bring it up again. i raised it with H after about 5 years of marriage. H actually gave it a half hearted attempt once during sex, and in spite of all the positive feedback, it never happened again. When i brought up the idea of submission with H, i emailed him a number of websites and begged him to give it serious thought. That was months ago. He has either never read the attachments, or is too uncomfortable about the topic to even discuss it with me. i confess i couldn’t envision myself as submissive to H because he is not a natural Dom, but other women have said that the more submissive they became, the more Dom their husbands turned. i tried this too when H never replied to my email, but my failure to make the decisions was annoying him and things were getting worse between us, not better. So, to find what i seek, i resolved to look beyond H. i could no longer stand being alone.

i want someone older and experienced as a loving Dom. Someone with a gentle nature but the emotional strength to control a bright and stubborn Irish girl. i seek spankings for play, others for loving reminders of his control, but i also crave his guidance. When i let him down or myself, i want to be punished. No one holds me accountable. i am the boss in all that i do. i answer to no one. If i am unproductive at work, no one scolds me. If i miss a work deadline, no one writes me up. If i don’t make doctor’s appointments for myself, or eat right or exercise, no one cares. i want to be with a man i can respect and look up to -- a man who knows his own mind and is able to make decisions for himself and for me. It is not that i want to abdicate all responsibility for myself. To the contrary, i simply want to be held accountable.

i don’t cry. i need the release of a good cry from time to time. I have always viewed crying as a sign of weakness. i want to be weakened, cry and then be comforted. i want to trust someone so much that i can be vulnerable and yet still feel safe and taken care of.

i want to be desirable and desired. As a slave, i want to exist solely for providing my Master pleasure. In this way i would know that if attention is paid to me, however slight, it is because it gives him pleasure. i want to hear my Master’s praise, in words and in moans, reassuring me that i have value as a female. Years ago, i stopped buying dresses, and lingerie. i stopped wearing make up. Except in my role as a mom, i no longer felt like a woman. But what i seek is not just sexual. It goes beyond that. It is hard to believe that i have found someone who may be willing to fulfill this need on occasion, and actually understands my need and doesn’t think I’m crazy.
i read somewhere that when a woman comes to her husband and hands him "submission to his discipline" on a platter, she is giving him something powerful. Should he refuse to discipline her, he is betraying her, for she is telling him that she trusts him enough to know he will use this gift in a wise and loving manner. The verbal connection and bearing of the soul is what brings about intimacy. i have been betrayed in so many ways. i crave this intimacy and would be a loyal and devoted slave it i could experience even a hint of what it is like.

What do i have to offer? A gentle ear, loving arms, delicious mouth, tight cunt, virgin ass, and hours of pleasure, company, and devotion.

What do i worry about? First of all, being discovered. Secondly, being seriously harmed by someone who ignores my limits, or inflicts pain to be cruel and not for pleasure or to intensify emotion or to guide. Third, choosing someone who makes me feel worse about myself, not better.

What do i not what to see happen? i want to love my Master, but i don’t want to fall in love with him.

Essay # 4

What do you think or fantasize about that you have never told anyone. What is simply embarrassing to verbalize...what shames you but excitesyou? a. Having sex with two men, so i have one in my cunt and the other in my mouth at the same time.b. Being partially undressed in the car so that I can be seen by men on the road, or walking in a hotel room, naked, with window at night c. Being “captured”, blindfolded, tied to the bed, and raped by a man who keeps me captive and uses me for his pleasure ultimately turning me into his devoted slave Essay #5. What are you simply not interested in doing? i agree with all of your list. The shaving thing, never really thought about having a man do that for me. Can’t say it appeals to me but if he wanted to, I wouldn’t object. Other items are on my prior lists. Let me add no denial of breath – like plastic bags or suffocation tricks. On the other hand, what do you ache for Me to do, to use you, to make you feel, perhaps even to force you to do? There are too many to name, but i’ll try… Sexual Category Teach me to fuck in positions other than missionary. Let me suck your cock and teach me how to do it in a way that gives you the most pleasure. i want to learn how to deep throat. Help me to learn to relax and enjoy sex. This list was online so i copied what i would either like to try, be willing to try, or perhaps should be forced to try at least once… Anal sexAnal plugs (small) Blindfolds but no mask Being bitten lightlyLight Bondage Breast/chest bondage Light Breast whippingCage / Closets (locked inside of)Caning (no long term marks)Chastity belt if not discoveredChores (domestic service) Collars (worn in private; necklace symbolizing a collar in public)Cuffs Enemas Exercise (forced)Exhibitionism Eye contact restrictionsFollowing ordersFood play Forced dressing (Master chooses)Forced masturbationForced nudity Forced servitudeGags – not sure about this one.Hand jobs (giving)Harems (serving w/other subs)Having food chosen for sub (at home or in restaurants)Having clothing chosen for subHigh heel wearingHumiliation (private)Humiliation (public excluding my family, friends, and individuals I know through work)Immobilization KneelingLeather restraintsLectures for misbehaviorLingerie (wearing) Massage (giving)Massage (receiving)Modeling for erotic photos or videos – NEVER FOR DISTRIBUTION!Name change during play actingNipple clampsNipple weightsOver-the-knee spankingOrgasm denialOrgasm controlOutdoor play actingOutdoor sexPain (mild) Phone sex Prostitution (public pretending)Public exposure (as long as I’m unlikely to know anyone)Pussy whipping (light)Restrictive rules set by Master Serving as furnitureServing as a maidServing as waitressServicing another male at Dom’s direction Slutty clothing (private or public)Speech restrictions (when sub can speak; what sub is allowed to say or not say; what sub must call Dom and how to address him; permission to leave the room; etc.)Squeezing of vulvaStanding in cornerCostumesVerbal humiliation (private or public)Voyeurism (watching Dom w/others)Wearing symbolic jewelryWeight loss (forced) As an example, i read this paragraph on line and got wet just thinking about it…
Punishment needs to suit the person and needn’t be limited to spanking. Any form of embarrassing or unpleasant assignment can have the punitive effect. For example, for a sub who can rarely sit still and must constantly be doing something, one of the most effective punishments can be to make them lie flat on the floor, head down, while the Dom rests his feet on her back and watches a game, etc. An occasional smack with a fly swatter or flogger adds a nice touch. Any wiggling results in additional time on the floor.


Hold me to my personal goals:
Eat right
Be efficient at work
Stop cussing
Be a better listener
Punish me when i fail to please You.
Comfort me after punishment to reassure me
Control with a purpose – Your sexual pleasure, Exertion of Your control, or the betterment of Your little whore.
No corporal punishment in anger. Time out first so Your punishment is tempered.


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