Thursday, October 19, 2006


I have been thinking of when we meet for the first time.. you are in the room, as instructed, standing in the far corner from the entry door, your nose tight there for disciplinary reasons. A business suit, light colored. When I enter, I command "Stay" and you do. I walk up behind you, and as you keep your face pressed in the corner I remove first your jacket, then your blouse, then your bra, stroking you physically and verbally as I do. I reach around and tease your nipples, My property. They harden at My touch. I take your wrists, binding them loosely behind your back to maximize your feeling of vulnerability to Master. I unzip your skirt, dropping it, revealing your woman’s ass, framed in the elastic and nylon of garter belt and stockings. Tangling My fingers in your ponytail I pull you to Me, taking your mouth with my tongue, kneading your breasts. I walk you, My willing prisoner toward the bed and My knee...
i already need You and that scares me. Ciao for now.I am here for you, little one. I am available to talk when you are ready..ok? Thank you... for everything.Are you there?You, Sir, have seduced my mind, my body, and my heart within a matter of days. i am torn between the woman i have always portrayed myself to be and the woman only You have unveiled. You may or may not realize the power You wield so lightly. To be frank, i fear losing myself, or worse. Should we be discovered, my conduct could impact a custody battle. The bruises remain and, call me superstitious, but seeing my husband last week felt like a warning. i do hope You are feeling much better now. Your confused and struggling sub. I know this is a hard transition, but understand I do not treat it lightly. I admit, I do not portray a grave countenance at all times, but I know exactly how deeply I have moved you. I want to see you either tomorrow or
Wednesday for lunch. I want you to feel My hands on your body.

I have missed you too sweetheart, more than you imagine, but I am back. I am tired tonight, but perhaps Tuesday, we can meet sometime during the day, for at least a brief spanking (I think you have been such a good girl you have earned one) then something more...intense later in the week. I want to feel your body against Mine. I also realized, that if I sit in the passenger seat and lean it back, and you kneel in the driver seat, you may very well be able top serve your Master that way....don't you think?


I am very much looking forward to spanking your behind until it is pink and glowing. *you* need it dreadfully, as do I.

Master, You are right. Your little slave does need Your punishment as a reminder that she is owned and cared for. she feels lost without Your direction.

I look forward to having you moan into Master's mouth as I twist your nipple, My tongue fucking you while My fingers grip your hair. You are such a cunt for your Master. so We make your sweet butt and sucking mouth available for Master tomorrow, when can your wet, tight, gripping, throbbing, pulsing pussy available for your Master to use?


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