Tuesday, January 16, 2007

little one

I waited for hours for you to call.

As we agreed, I want to work very hard to make sure
you concentrate at work, to help you keep your head

However I expect you to call me without fail each
night, regardless how late it is. If you have to set
an alarm so you remember, do that. I want to speak
every night.

Additionally, I would like to speak to you in the
morning as you drive to work and in the evening as you
leave. I don't want you to lose yourself in Me, but I
don't want you to wander either. It will be a
delicate balance, but I pledge to do this, and I
expect you to work hard to stay with me.

Again, I insist on transparency, particularly where
______is concerned.

I want you to do the things you do best without My
interference, but I want to hold the back of your neck
in those things where you need guidance.

I had a wonderfully healing experience with you this
weekend. I know there are issues that remain. But
let's build on what is here.



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