Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I want you to know I am not really angry with you, not
even dreadfully hurt. I did not shed a single tear.
But I have a few thoughts I would like to share with

I have read before that you fall in love with
someone because of how they make you feel about
yourself. I believe that is true. It validates who
you are, gives you a feeling of self worth. I always
tried to do that with you, honestly and truthfully,
because you went for 24(?) years having your worth
gradually eliminated. You were so achingly anxious
for me to make you feel like a person that it was
clear to me what to do. Every word I ever said about
you is absolutely true.

If what you said to me was true, and you TRULY intend
to for the next year find out who you are and take
care of your kids, I would very much like to be your
friend. My mind explodes when I think of you with
another man, ESPECIALLY a Dom. I exclude your high school sweetheart from
this since it is a longstanding thing. But if your
true intent is to soul search, then we can be friends.

The above being said, I know that your submissive soul
will again begin to ache for a hand on your neck and
on your ass. There is noone better suited to satisfy
that craving while helping maintain your selfworth
than me.

I do not intend to put my life on hold for you.
Truly. I told you that I had a couple of dates while
you and I were apart. I will pick that up again and
see how that goes. Actually, there were a couple of
women that expressed interest, and I will pursue that.

You know I care about you and would like to maintain
some kind of relationship. I would like to talk to you about
this if you can call. Ok?


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