Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"i can scarcely breathe."
I continue to revel in this...to bask in those words.

I am only writing during the day like this BECAUSE you
are not working. I will not do so tomorrow.

I have been invited up to see friendsthis
weekend. I know you have the kids New Years Eve, and
I assume the rest of the weekend?

However, I would like to have you Friday afternoon,
say from 2-6 or as close to those times as I can get.
Think about this. I don't care if we get a room and
wrestle like snakes or go and have coffee so I can see
your eyes, or park in the park...so I can stroke your
hair. But I want to see you.

you can be free, I would return to Houston Saturday
during the day so I can work in the house.



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