Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Friendship would mean: Staying in touch. Sharing stories, both good and bad. Providing a gentle ear when needed. Being a shoulder to cry on. Serving as a sounding board. Giving encouragement. Laughing together. Caring about one another. Much as we do with other friends.

Casual would mean: No strings. No expectations. No exclusivity.

Interlude would mean: More of what we shared together physically before things got so very complicated emotionally.

As you were always aware and as I became aware, the emotions of a Master/slave relationship are intense. They surpass the physical and become almost spiritual. I do not wish to become overwhelmed again, so if we "play," my servitude would be limited in time and place. I simply can not do it 24/7 without risking losing myself again. In the passion of the experience, I do not wish to mislead you to believe that I have reconsidered the possibility of a future together.


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