Thursday, October 19, 2006


There is no excuse… no explanation I can offer. My actions are cruel without intention to be so. To the contrary, I owe You my very sanity. A frail shadow of a person became a confident submissive woman under Your guiding hand. From Your strength I obtained both my freedom and my happiness. Do I love You? Yes, I can say that without reservation. Am I in love with You? No, I say without hesitation. Our brief venture beyond Master and slave was intoxicating. Yet in the bright of day, it can not surpass close examination. The nagging doubts at my very core surfaced and crystalized. We truly are too different. Our values are far too at odds. It is all too much and too hard to overcome for a long term relationship, and everything in me still screams that it is not the right choice for my son, in spite of all that is good and kind in You. My instincts have generally served me well, so i must trust in them as i must trust myself. Perhaps, even more significantly, I have given myself to another, and my heart has quickly followed. While reeling from how quickly it has happened, I am nevertheless confident that this is the path that I am to take. There are no nagging doubts. He can never replace what we had, and I do not wish for Him to even attempt to do so. My transformation was Your accomplishment and will remain so forever. The cruel irony is that now that You have given me wings, I fly away. I will forever treasure my memories of our time together, and I will always regret that my final transformation caused You pain. While I ask for Your forgiveness, it is neither deserved nor expected. As my Master, You have always said that You want what is best for me. I beg You to trust that I have found it and I only hope that someday soon, You will find a sub who is Your intended soul mate. And thus, with tenderness, I say goodbye and ask that You respect my new found happiness and the strength in my conviction.

Formerly your little bit


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