Friday, June 08, 2007

His hand on the back of my neck. My face pressed down on the bed.
My legs spread, ass exposed, i am bent naked over His knee.
He begins to fondle me, noting how wet i am just having anticipated His attentions.
He comments favorably, clearly pleased with His discovery.
Then smack, His large hand makes contact with my right cheek. Smack, Smack, Smack.
The blood rushes through me with each painful strike.
i shut my eyes tight, hold my breath, and a whimper escape my lips.
i know i mustn't wiggle out of harm's way or the intensity will only be magnified.
i must stand still and at most shift my weight from one leg to the other in search of some way to relieve the stinging sensation. Just when i feel i will cry out, He pulls me up into His strong arms and kisses me.
"Thank You Master," i whisper in His ear.
"You're welcome baby," says He as His fingers once again being exploring His property.


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